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Seminars and Workshops: We offer options. If you need just a few hours, a half day, all day, a weekend or an ongoing weekly series we can tailor to suit your sporting organisation.

Publications: Our latest title is iCUBED : The Winning Rugby Coaching System.

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Consultancy: Utilise our services to find out how the iCUBED system can turn your team or organisation into winners

Research: Utilise our proven skills to discover what is really going on in your team.

Full Match

Full Match is the super volume of the iCubed series. It gathers together all the material from the other three volumes. Above all else, the iCubed system reveals knowledge. With knowledge comes power – the power to transform attitudes, focus effort, and acquire skills. You will find this system reveals your most important problems and solutions. The steps are simple and straight forward, and can be tailored to any coach and team.

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First Half

First Half reveals all the details of the system. Here is everything you need and nothing that you don’t for a true understanding of winning rugby coaching. The iCubed system gives you the certainty and confidence you need. The details are simple and straight forward, and can be tailored and applied to any coach and team. Plus the depth of detail is neither too little nor too much.

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Second Half

Second Half provides the big picture of how the system fits together. It will fit your coaching circumstances perfectly. The iCubed system gives you a universal template which identifies and points the way to solving all your rugby problems. It also quickly maximises all the lessons that are taught by the other coach up-skilling methods such as the recipe approach, common sense, trial-and-error, show-and-tell and mentoring. You will also learn the secret of the “upward spiral of success” that can be duplicated in any team.

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Extra Time

Extra Time shows how to apply the system. It is understandable and user-friendly, yet also respects your individuality and personality. The iCubed system will quicken your perception, clarify your thinking, organise your planning, and direct your actions. It will work for you in every situation by applying solutions to your essential coaching problems.

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